Ah, the weekend….


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Lazing around on a Saturday and doing simple chores like laundry on Sunday has become one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend. To just cuddle with the kitty, watch a show with my husband, or knit to an old show on DVD are some of the ways this home-body likes to take it easy.

It is time to get ready for important family events, like my daughter’s recital and my sister’s wedding. The latter will be on a cruise, which I’m really looking forward to. Although I’ve never cruised before, I’m looking forward to just enjoying the family being together.

I’m grateful for my own washer and dryer. I really like that I don’t have to haul my wash to the laundromat. While it seems like a small thing, when you don’t have it you really miss it.

I’m grateful for my blow dryer. Yes, this device is amazing when you think about it. I can manage to be ready to go in half an hour or less because of this device.

And I’m grateful for my wonderful father-in-law. I’m looking forward to spending some time with him at my daughter’s recital.

I must be crazy


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Today I was pushed over the edge and started laughing hysterically. I had the whole group laughing. They didn’t know why, just that laughter is contagious. Me, on the other hand, had just had revealed to me through email two more major projects to work. That makes 5 or 6 in this category, 2 in another, and 5 in a third. It is just too much. So I laughed.

Oddly enough, I am eager to go to work again on Monday and get on with it. I don’t know if it is because it is new or because there is a challenge here. I need to cut back the overtime and go for the ride!

I love my dear oldest daughter who rescued me from leftovers tonight.

My dear youngest daughter was thoughtful in getting a parking pass so Grandpa doesn’t have to climb the hills when he visits her.

My little cat keeps crying out to be cuddle, what a sweetie. I think I’ll go snuggle in with her.

To be known…


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I had dinner tonight with a dear friend. It was great to hear how things are going, the frustrations, the challenges. We share so many things in common and yet come from very different points of view. The way we view the world is the same and yet not. It is what made us such a strong team the many years ago we were the “Passive” team. Many people laughed at that title, we are not passive. But the components we were responsible for were.

It is nice to be with someone who knows you well. I enjoyed telling her about the challenging conversations I’ve had with my manager and his manager (my former manager). The discussions about perception, talent, drive, and passion. About whether we are seen as we believe we are – or are we not who we think we are. While the feedback from these managers was interesting, it is that of my friend who knows me well that I trust. To hear from her that she perceives me to be who I believe I am. That the strengths I believe I have she sees too. I would believe her if she reflected a different picture of me. That’s why we talk. And why we listen.

Perhaps this is too deep a topic to discuss in such an informal setting with people I don’t even know. But I think it strikes on a human need – to be understood. We crave it. To have confirmation that my opinion of myself is grounded in reality is really only something I can get externally. And then, I will only believe it if it comes from someone I trust. Someone who I believe will tell me like it is with only the best wishes and intentions for me. What a great friend! Something to be treasured.

I’m grateful for my dear friend and wish for her some clarity of thought and purpose as she faces the challenges in her job.

I’m grateful for the helpless desk at work. It helps me know what customer service is by living what it isn’t. It isn’t all their fault – some processes are just bad. I don’t know if I will ever find the right person who can and will put in a help ticket for me in the right queue…

I’m grateful for the excitement I feel for going to work tomorrow. The opportunity to create something new that will be usable over and over again and the subject of future improvement processes. That gets me excited.

Home again, home again…


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I had a wonderful time with my family (and friend) in Whistler, BC, over the long weekend. I got a lot of exercise in – including snowshoeing! Even though I ended up going alone I really enjoyed making my way out to Lost Lake and look at the crazy people who were ice fishing! I sang as I walked along (when I had enough breath) and I lost my fitbit and found it again. It was a rewarding walk.

I’m grateful for my own snowshoes that let me pay only for the pass and are always all set up and ready for my boot!

I’m grateful for an easy drive home (after all, hubby did it!).

I’m grateful my youngest made it back to school – good thing she didn’t have to drive as the passes have been closed all day.

An alpine experiment

Today I’m meeting family in the middle of their ski day. It is very busy and challenging to find a seat – but I have and I’ll have seats ready for them as they arrive. Until then, I’m sharing the table with other people who are taking a break from their ski day. Interesting who you meet. First were some folks from New Zealand who come every year for a couple of weeks. Currently a group where one is here for two months and others are joining him for a week.

It is fun to hear what they’ve been up to and how their skiiing is going. They’ve share all the fun festival things that are going on this weekend. I think we’ll have to check out the band at the Irish pub tonight. So many things to do. I really enjoy meeting people and hearing about the things they enjoy and what they do. Sharing travel experiences or hearing about home.

I may connect again later and share more. Just in case, I’ll get my gratefuls in now. I’m grateful for kind people who shared a little of their lives with me today.

I’m glad to have a friend with me who is challenging me to do something that scares me – a lot.

I’m grateul for a place to site in such a crowded place!

Searching for the pot of gold


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Today we were on the road and saw the most amazing rainbow. High on the highway looking over the water was stretched from end to end a vivid rainbow. When I get a chance to move it from my phone, I will add it to my blog. This rainbow stayed with us, just ahead of us until we turned a corner and we felt like we caught the end of it. I’m not sure where the pot of gold is, but the shared experience was really great.

So many things to be grateful for today. For the chocolate croissant that appeared this morning with one of my daughters and her friend. Thank you Bri!

The two and a half hour talk that we had – hearing what is going on in lives I don’t interact with everyday. It is always fun to catch up with friends.

A wonderful dinner in an Irish pub with my husband. Valentine’s day is our half year anniversary – so happy 1.5 sweetie!

Balance…not quite yet


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Time to post while I’m sitting in front of my computer and thinking about it!

The last 24 hours have been full of work and will continue to be. I’m really enjoying this new role but am getting concerned that I don’t see an end to all the hours. I’m really trying to get more balance in my life and make time for exercising.

The exercise bike did make its way back into the family room. Yeah! That got me breathing hard. It isn’t too bad to manage by myself because of wheels, but I had to lift it up two steps, dragging it on the back legs (not the wheel side) while holding the door open and levering it up. Yes, I could have gotten something to keep the door open, but what challenge would that be?! Anyway, a little huffing and puffing and it is ready for use. Maybe that was enough exercise for today – I don’t want to be up all night because I exercised now. When is too close to bed time?

I got to work early and read through a bunch of training materials. A lot of progress against that to do item. And it is all getting filed neatly away on the computer and it seems to be staying in my head. At least, I know the gist and if I need to actually use any of it, I know where to go look it up!

I’m grateful for my age. It is nice to be at this point in life and career. I’m not out to prove anything. No doubt that’s when I will make my best impression. I’m just keeping curiosity on and moving forward.

I’m grateful getting my review is over. What a disappointment – although not unexpected. Oh, the review was fine, nothing wrong with my rating. I’m not sure many could have done what I did last year and with such style and grace. Well, I guess now that the world knows that, I can let it go….

I’m so grateful for how things are going for my daughters. Since it is their lives I probably shouldn’t go into great detail – but let’s just say we’re all unbelievably happy. I just want to relish this. Maybe we can make it happen all the time. At least while things are going well for all of us we should be appreciative and recognize it!

Hope things are going well for you. Time for a little dinner and then I think some data analysis may be on the agenda for me!

Lazy Olympics


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Ah, the weekend was wonderful. Lazing about is nice and I got a lot of knitting and laundry done. I still feel very tired – which I attribute to not moving about. So, I vow to get the stationary bicycle back into the family room….tomorrow.

I really enjoyed the knitting and creating my own “House” marathon. I am looking forward to the time in Whistler with the family and friends. It is good to have things to look forward to. Just replaying in my head the emptiness from work – although I had things I could/should have done for work, it was rewarding to not think about work at all.

I’m grateful to a friend today who told me about his cat. While I hope his cat is recovering, it did remind me to make an appointment for my cat.

I’m grateful for being able to just stop and pick up a nice dinner to share with my hubby.

I’m grateful for Canadian coverage of the Olympics. While they are cheering for Canada a lot, they remember they have a USA audience too and cover our team. The coverage just seems to be better than the USA coverage. More action, less cameos with the athletes.

And they’re off….


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We watched the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics tonight. Well, I mostly listened, as I was knitting and this afghan pattern is complex and I had several rows to make up that I had to take out from “watching” the Super Bowl.

What a beautiful display out of Russia. I thought the ceremonies were very nice. Lots of interesting history shown and in a very creative way. I had to admire that 9 year old girl who was suspended so high for so long. She did a wonderful job. And did you see the ballerina?

The Olympics brings a feeling of sportsmanship and a hope that we can be separate and yet together, that we can compete and still be friends. The ideals of the Olympics is inspiring – and lately I’m all about being inspired.

I think about how I can inspire others and then I realized, it really isn’t something you can set out to do. Inspiration comes as the outward appearance of an inner process. So, I’m nurturing my inner process for the things that are important to me and I will trust my outward manifestation of that passion will inspire others.

I’m grateful for a boss/friend who cares about my retirement – thanks Ben. And for portable computers that let me work when it balances life and not have to stay put to do it. And for the invention of the microwave – boy was I hungry tonight and I didn’t have to wait long for my leftovers to be hot and potatoes baked! Yum!

Who’s in charge?


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Today the little cat just cried and cried until I sat down and let her settle in. She’s such a sweet little thing. A lilac point Siamese who is now 13 years old. She runs the place, or likes to think she does.

Maybe it is really that I like to think I do. Maybe she really does run the place. After all, she never fixes a meal, cleans anything other than herself, lazes about all day looking for a spot of sun. Her litter box is cleaned, food and water appear, and basically, I cuddle her on demand. It sounds more and more like she does run the place. Then again, we leave her whether she wants it or not. We feed her the same food every day – hypoallergenic, yuck. We play when it suits us, we push her around as it suits us. And yet she comes back and cuddles and purrs. You can’t help but love that little face.

I’m thankful for such an example of loving unconditionally. For a good book and for friends to tell my secrets to. Friends like Kimber and Jan and Yvonne.

Hope you have someone (or something) to snuggle with and tell your secrets to.