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While I’m trying to lose weight and look better for my daughter’s wedding in September I have discovered the joy of exercise. It isn’t that I like to get up and sweat on the exercise bike at 5 in the morning. Even watching Mad Men as a distraction/reward isn’t enough. Thinking of the long term goal got me started, but now, after completing my 3rd week I find that I like how I feel the rest of the day. Not only that, I’m generally in a better mood, handle the stress of my new job with greater grace, and sleep like a baby. I LOVE the result. Now, if only the weight will fall off – but I think the intake of calories has to be focused on too. Since I’m now hooked on my 30 minutes of cardio I’m adding journaling my points or calories.

This happiness blog was to experiment with Shawn Achor’s statements of the happiness advantage – how we can shape our focus and use the way our brain works to our advantage. And, how being happy turns on all the brain so you are the best you – smart, creative, patient. But training our brains to search for the positive is what this blog was about – but there is more. He says record something good that happened to you in the last 24 hours (allows you to relive and generates all the same hormones and chemicals that the good experience released the first time). Meditate. Exercise. Do a random act of kindness. And record 3 specific things you are grateful for – everyday. So I’ve taken another step in his recipe.

I’m so grateful for my exercise buddy who lives a continent away. I would never dream of having to tell Connie I didn’t follow the plan. So even though she’s not here with me, she holds me accountable and it is working! She’s exercising too!

I’m grateful for Facebook – yes, that one comes up again. It is on FB that I’ve shared the small steps and that also puts some pressure on keeping me going. I don’t want my friends to find out I gave up! It is exciting to me that my best friend from high school has been inspired and has completed her first week!

And of course, I am so grateful for all of my friends on facebook and around me who are sharing this journey with me. They have all been so supportive with cheering on 1 day and then 2. Then it was a week – and now it is 3! You have to do the small numbers to get to the big ones!

I don’t know where I’ll end up in September – maybe you’ll follow along and help encourage me. No matter what, I’m loving the results that turn out to have nothing to do with weight. I’ll continue the exercise and shaping my brain to find good things that happen every day. Meditation will be added soon – and I always try to do some act of kindness every day. So there’s only a little more to add… I’m ready for the adventure!