We took a family cruise for my sister’s wedding, so please excuse my absence recently. So many great times and memories to recount. I am sitting in the airport with my parents as we wait to be able to check luggage on our respective flights home.

i am so grateful for the time together. The time to be with each sibling and parents and the chance to just hang around together. 

I am also grateful for the wonderful husband I have who is busy chasing down donuts and drinks for us as we wait.

it was wonderful to see my niece and get to hear how archeology is treating her in her ‘big kid’ job. So full of vibrance and life!

At breakfast yesterday we were joined by my niece and her friend. We got to hear about jobs and futures, the consideration of grad school, and what comes next. Also about the recent adventure to Myan ruins at a porto of call. So full of energy and excitement. So fun to hear the possibilities in front of them. We all have possibilities in front of us. It is fun to think about. Make plans. As I age I find I am enjoying hearing about the adventures and dreams of the young ones around us. I don’t know if this is a step toward the limiting options that come as our age or just a step in growing up. My parents have demonstrated to me that all things are possible just to keep giving it a shot. They are so dear. I will enjoy this time with them now.

Hope you find what you are looking for and find a dream, large or small, to get you to your tomorrows.