I have been working very long hours and come home and just collapse. I pick up my knitting and still fall asleep. What amazes me is I head in the next day, ready to work and go for a long time again. There is something about the people I’m working with that just keep it moving along. They are productive; they work hard. They are helpful and are always willing to take a minute to teach or help. I am so grateful for this atmosphere! They renew me.

I’m grateful for my hubby having a spring break – dinner is ready when I get home. It renews me.

I’m grateful facebook – yes, facebook. I’m surprised at how my friends connect and what what they post. It makes me laugh and renews me.

In the last 24 hours I got to have dinner with my husband and oldest daughter. She had been to the command center which is working the emergency in Washington. It isn’t far from her work and she got to see a command center in action. I know she was itching to dig in and help. It is what she was built for. Seeing her enthusiasm and hearing the challenges in her work, it was refreshing. It renews me.