Today I finally ran errands! I got a lot of things off my list except making my hair appointment! Oh my, I’ll just have to make it through until the 18th, because that is the first I could get another appointment. That’s okay because I kind of like the length right now, so letting it grow out will be perfect. It also sets me up better for the wedding in early April.

I still need to log in tonight and do one more email, but it is great to be free of work until Monday – a little vacation for a long weekend. I can’t wait to see my baby at WSU and hear her sing. Seeing my Father-in-law is awesome as well. We’ll have some fun.

Every day I feel a little more aware of my what is in my job. I feel like I don’t know what I should do and then I find out no one else does either. We’ve not done this in a long time, so I”m making it up as we go. I am so grateful for the capable people I work with. They know their parts well and are able to adapt well