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I have no excuse for not blogging. I guess I didn’t want to reveal I was out of town, but that was just for a weekend to attend a lovely choir concert and magnificent recital at WSU.

So, before I head to bed I thought I’d write – and as I sat down I found the blog I forgot to post . That is why you see two with today’s date. So, essentially 12 days since my last post, ta daaaa!

I have definitely found it difficult to keep my inbox clean. I am keeping it small but not empty. It has been a very challenging week + with some very long hours and still, not empty. But not blogging…maybe that’s why happiness has been sporadic.

Today I picked up my dress for my sister’s wedding. It looks good on. I was very happy with how it fits and I’m excited for my sister. I have no idea what else to pack, but I am excited to have this to look forward to. Ah, but this is about reliving a positive moment. I called yesterday to see if the dress had come in – and they said yes. So today, when I went to try it on I was calm and upbeat as they had trouble finding it.

Then, I stepped into the dressing room and couldn’t get it to unzip all the way. No worries, it slipped up over me and I was able to easily finish the zip. Yeah! This was a really exciting moment because I liked that it zipped easily and I knew it would be a relief to my sister that I have it now. One more thing she can cross off her worry list. And that I had my daughter with me who helped me select which dress was even better. We even looked at mother-of-the-bride dresses for later this year.

I got a manicure and pedicure while spending time with my daughter and got my hair cut. I have been completely pampered today. The chair at the nail salon had the massage package! I could still use some work on my shoulders.

I also got to have dinner with both daughters and my son-in-law (to be). It was fun listening to the young people share stories. More fun that I missed some of what they said, because that became ridiculous and made us all laugh.

I’m looking forward to my new ukulele case to arrive. I’m confused by the tracking information from FedEx which says the package weighs 11 lbs when the case is only 1.5 lbs. I sure hope the right thing is coming! My new little Lanikai soprano ukulele needs a travel case!

I’m grateful that I could splurge on myself and get a little uke for traveling.

I’m grateful to have had that special time with my daughters today. A sort of late birthday dinner. Yes, it was missing my husband, but it was still very nice.

I’m glad to head to bed actually tired. Maybe I can actually sleep tonight and get a good start on that inbox tomorrow! After all, I took a day off, it ought to be overflowing!

I’ll catch you up tomorrow. Hope you are doing well and I would appreciate your input and encouragement to keep this going.