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Although I didn’t skype with my brother tonight, I did play my ukulele. My brother introduced me to the uke in 2011 and I finally bought one while in Hawaii at the end of the year. In 2012 we skyped almost every week and played. He taught me a lot. Best of all, we started chatting about work and life. He introduced me to blogging and to WordPress.

Tonight was our usual skype night, but since he got his last promotion and I made this job change it has been more like once a month we connect. Just the same, we’re working on some songs to have fun with together on a family cruise. Since our sister is getting married, we’ve picked out a couple of songs to match that theme. I decided tonight to find some Fogelberg songs I like. I’ve spent an hour or two in front of the computer to read the tabulature, with my ipod open to my uke chord finder app. It’s been a blast and my fingers have great blisters.

Now you might not think blisters are great. Well, I don’t either because it means I haven’t been practicing enough to have callouses. But on the bright side, every time I feel that little twinge as I type tomorrow I’ll be pulled back to this evening of enjoying my ukulele and the songs I found. I can’t wait to play “Leader of the Band” with my Dad around. He’s been my leader of the band since I first heard the song.

I’m grateful for my beautiful uke and the peace that I found tonight in playing.

I’m most grateful to my parents who gave me piano and violin lessons. I’m sure there are other things they could have done with that money. It is really wonderful to sit at my piano and play and let the cares of the day go away.

I’m grateful for some solitude to enjoy myself with my instruments. Even an extrovert needs some alone time.