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Today I was pushed over the edge and started laughing hysterically. I had the whole group laughing. They didn’t know why, just that laughter is contagious. Me, on the other hand, had just had revealed to me through email two more major projects to work. That makes 5 or 6 in this category, 2 in another, and 5 in a third. It is just too much. So I laughed.

Oddly enough, I am eager to go to work again on Monday and get on with it. I don’t know if it is because it is new or because there is a challenge here. I need to cut back the overtime and go for the ride!

I love my dear oldest daughter who rescued me from leftovers tonight.

My dear youngest daughter was thoughtful in getting a parking pass so Grandpa doesn’t have to climb the hills when he visits her.

My little cat keeps crying out to be cuddle, what a sweetie. I think I’ll go snuggle in with her.