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I had dinner tonight with a dear friend. It was great to hear how things are going, the frustrations, the challenges. We share so many things in common and yet come from very different points of view. The way we view the world is the same and yet not. It is what made us such a strong team the many years ago we were the “Passive” team. Many people laughed at that title, we are not passive. But the components we were responsible for were.

It is nice to be with someone who knows you well. I enjoyed telling her about the challenging conversations I’ve had with my manager and his manager (my former manager). The discussions about perception, talent, drive, and passion. About whether we are seen as we believe we are – or are we not who we think we are. While the feedback from these managers was interesting, it is that of my friend who knows me well that I trust. To hear from her that she perceives me to be who I believe I am. That the strengths I believe I have she sees too. I would believe her if she reflected a different picture of me. That’s why we talk. And why we listen.

Perhaps this is too deep a topic to discuss in such an informal setting with people I don’t even know. But I think it strikes on a human need – to be understood. We crave it. To have confirmation that my opinion of myself is grounded in reality is really only something I can get externally. And then, I will only believe it if it comes from someone I trust. Someone who I believe will tell me like it is with only the best wishes and intentions for me. What a great friend! Something to be treasured.

I’m grateful for my dear friend and wish for her some clarity of thought and purpose as she faces the challenges in her job.

I’m grateful for the helpless desk at work. It helps me know what customer service is by living what it isn’t. It isn’t all their fault – some processes are just bad. I don’t know if I will ever find the right person who can and will put in a help ticket for me in the right queue…

I’m grateful for the excitement I feel for going to work tomorrow. The opportunity to create something new that will be usable over and over again and the subject of future improvement processes. That gets me excited.