Today I’m meeting family in the middle of their ski day. It is very busy and challenging to find a seat – but I have and I’ll have seats ready for them as they arrive. Until then, I’m sharing the table with other people who are taking a break from their ski day. Interesting who you meet. First were some folks from New Zealand who come every year for a couple of weeks. Currently a group where one is here for two months and others are joining him for a week.

It is fun to hear what they’ve been up to and how their skiiing is going. They’ve share all the fun festival things that are going on this weekend. I think we’ll have to check out the band at the Irish pub tonight. So many things to do. I really enjoy meeting people and hearing about the things they enjoy and what they do. Sharing travel experiences or hearing about home.

I may connect again later and share more. Just in case, I’ll get my gratefuls in now. I’m grateful for kind people who shared a little of their lives with me today.

I’m glad to have a friend with me who is challenging me to do something that scares me – a lot.

I’m grateul for a place to site in such a crowded place!