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Time to post while I’m sitting in front of my computer and thinking about it!

The last 24 hours have been full of work and will continue to be. I’m really enjoying this new role but am getting concerned that I don’t see an end to all the hours. I’m really trying to get more balance in my life and make time for exercising.

The exercise bike did make its way back into the family room. Yeah! That got me breathing hard. It isn’t too bad to manage by myself because of wheels, but I had to lift it up two steps, dragging it on the back legs (not the wheel side) while holding the door open and levering it up. Yes, I could have gotten something to keep the door open, but what challenge would that be?! Anyway, a little huffing and puffing and it is ready for use. Maybe that was enough exercise for today – I don’t want to be up all night because I exercised now. When is too close to bed time?

I got to work early and read through a bunch of training materials. A lot of progress against that to do item. And it is all getting filed neatly away on the computer and it seems to be staying in my head. At least, I know the gist and if I need to actually use any of it, I know where to go look it up!

I’m grateful for my age. It is nice to be at this point in life and career. I’m not out to prove anything. No doubt that’s when I will make my best impression. I’m just keeping curiosity on and moving forward.

I’m grateful getting my review is over. What a disappointment – although not unexpected. Oh, the review was fine, nothing wrong with my rating. I’m not sure many could have done what I did last year and with such style and grace. Well, I guess now that the world knows that, I can let it go….

I’m so grateful for how things are going for my daughters. Since it is their lives I probably shouldn’t go into great detail – but let’s just say we’re all unbelievably happy. I just want to relish this. Maybe we can make it happen all the time. At least while things are going well for all of us we should be appreciative and recognize it!

Hope things are going well for you. Time for a little dinner and then I think some data analysis may be on the agenda for me!