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Ah, the weekend was wonderful. Lazing about is nice and I got a lot of knitting and laundry done. I still feel very tired – which I attribute to not moving about. So, I vow to get the stationary bicycle back into the family room….tomorrow.

I really enjoyed the knitting and creating my own “House” marathon. I am looking forward to the time in Whistler with the family and friends. It is good to have things to look forward to. Just replaying in my head the emptiness from work – although I had things I could/should have done for work, it was rewarding to not think about work at all.

I’m grateful to a friend today who told me about his cat. While I hope his cat is recovering, it did remind me to make an appointment for my cat.

I’m grateful for being able to just stop and pick up a nice dinner to share with my hubby.

I’m grateful for Canadian coverage of the Olympics. While they are cheering for Canada a lot, they remember they have a USA audience too and cover our team. The coverage just seems to be better than the USA coverage. More action, less cameos with the athletes.