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We watched the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics tonight. Well, I mostly listened, as I was knitting and this afghan pattern is complex and I had several rows to make up that I had to take out from “watching” the Super Bowl.

What a beautiful display out of Russia. I thought the ceremonies were very nice. Lots of interesting history shown and in a very creative way. I had to admire that 9 year old girl who was suspended so high for so long. She did a wonderful job. And did you see the ballerina?

The Olympics brings a feeling of sportsmanship and a hope that we can be separate and yet together, that we can compete and still be friends. The ideals of the Olympics is inspiring – and lately I’m all about being inspired.

I think about how I can inspire others and then I realized, it really isn’t something you can set out to do. Inspiration comes as the outward appearance of an inner process. So, I’m nurturing my inner process for the things that are important to me and I will trust my outward manifestation of that passion will inspire others.

I’m grateful for a boss/friend who cares about my retirement – thanks Ben. And for portable computers that let me work when it balances life and not have to stay put to do it. And for the invention of the microwave – boy was I hungry tonight and I didn’t have to wait long for my leftovers to be hot and potatoes baked! Yum!