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Today I rushed away from work early and drove to downtown Seattle to join my husband, daughter, her fiance and his parents for a tasting dinner at the venue for their wedding. It surprises me how far in advance this needed to be done. Really, seven months! I thought sometime this summer we’d be tasting for a September wedding. Well, sometimes it is just better to get things out of the way – and this way the kids know where their budget stands.

The food was fabulous; I’m so glad I didn’t have to select. The kids were pretty decisive, which makes it easier in going forward. They have some definite ideas of what they want this experience to be for both themselves and their guests. It was fun to listen to how they wanted to do things, what they were thinking from getting ready to when they would leave and let the party go on for awhile.

I enjoyed the time with her future in-laws too. What a nice family. I am happy for her and them. This can be a difficult transition, but they really seem to like and accept my lovely daughter. It was sweet to see him take care of my fiercely independent daughter. (Well, that describes both of my daughters. I wonder where they get that?) A very kind and loving man – but I’ve gone on about my future son-in-law before.

I’m grateful traffic let up for my south bound commute tonight. I didn’t leave enough time to get there on time. I was about 15 minutes late. But I didn’t miss any food!

It was great talking with my boss today and getting some details agreed to.

And I’m very grateful for two mentor/coaches who talked with me this week. My brother last night and a good friend and Sr Director at lunch today. Both got me thinking about a few things that I hadn’t considered before. I don’t know that either one of them know what they did or said, but the thoughts got triggered just the same.

Here’s wishing you someone you can talk to about your development and growth!