Last night I took a cooking class on knife skills. You need to understand that I don’t cook. My girls thought that I should have the skills to feed myself good food and not be reliant on my husband – I suppose I could outlive him and then what will I do! So, off to Kirkland I went to my cooking class.

The man next to me was a know-it-all. He was constantly commenting on things the chef said and doing things his own way then commenting that he found this way better. At one point, we were learning how to deal with odd shaped things – like fennel and cabbage. He looked over at my plate and said – oh, you have two fennel – and then proceeded to take one. By that time I was a bit annoyed with him.

Later we had peeled the rind off an orange with our knife and began cutting out the sections. I had cleared my plate of the extra veg I had so I could use this plate. He looks around and says something about he doesn’t have a plate (meaning an empty plate) and said we could share this one. I picked it up and said, no, I cleared this one, it is mine. I think he was stunned. I don’t really know because I quit paying attention to him.

This wasn’t meant to be about him – it is really about the class. It was nice to get away from work and do something else with people I didn’t even know. I felt very out of place, uncomfortable in this comfortable setting. It was a great experience. Even though I found it very challenging and I’m not that good with a knife – I’m better now! I can dice (fine and coarse) I can julienne (if you don’t mind how it looks) peel, mince, make garlic paste. I really did learn a lot. Mostly that I need more practice. At one point I thought my husband doesn’t need to worry about me taking over the kitchen.

But after the class I thought about whether or not I would want to take another class. At first it was a clear no. Then, as I thought about it, I realized it would probably be more fun as you work on a recipe and not a skill. And, I think it would be a lot of fun to take a class with someone I knew. Especially with my kids or husband. The place was very nice, very inviting. I just didn’t need to do something that made me feel incompetent. My internal tapes are doing enough of that at work as I become competent at a new job.

So, pushing aside all of that, I think I would like to take another class – and do it with someone I know. I think that shared experience would really make it fun. But even if it was just me, I think I’d go back to this place again.

I’m grateful for the chef who was very kind and patient. She even experimented with being left handed so she could help me with a tool. Yes, it was definitely a tool designed for a righty.

I’m grateful for being left handed. I like the challenge and I love being different. I like having to use my brain to turn things around. God knew what he was doing as he put me together! If he was going to make me directionally challenged at least he also made me love challenges!

I’m grateful for seeing the sunset. I have actually been away from work for two days in a row by the time the sun was going down. Totally awesome!