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We host only one party a year – a Super Bowl party. It was great that the Seahawks were in it this year. Even better that they won. The group was smaller this year than in years past – we didn’t have 5 girls running around like we did  20 years ago. It is funny to realize we’ve had these people coming to our house every year for this party for so long. We’ve been with one another through good and tough times with kids and life. It is a great group and I really enjoyed having those who could make it here again this year.

We were all sitting around the TV in the family room cheering and groaning together through the game. I think this was only the second time everyone was behind one team. The last time was when the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl once before. So glad to have a different outcome this year! It was great fun, and then we stood around and chatted, catching up on each others lives. I’m tired and ready for bed – strange, usually there is time to do something after everyone leaves, but the visiting went longer than usual. Probably because we didn’t talk during the game!

I’m grateful for each of these friendships – I can’t believe it has been for so long!

I’m grateful for all the good food everyone brings along – and the great main dishes my dear husband puts together. Salmon went better than brisket – both were good.

On a different note – playing at church today was great fun. I’m so grateful for having such a group that I get to play with. It keeps me active with my violin and gets me to church at least once a month!

Hope you had a great Super Bowl!