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It is sort of sad that I left work today, got a blood draw, picked up dinner, and was home before 6:00 and thought – wow, I’m home early! I’ve put in a lot of hours, not sure how productive I’m being. There’s so much to learn and so much going on. It is energizing and exciting. But I must admit that 36 hours in 3 days was too much this week.

So I got home and ate my dinner to the last Downton Abbey and then cleared some shows off the DVR. A load of laundry got done and that’s about it. It was RELAXING! I’m tired and ready for bed and eager to head in tomorrow to do it all over again.

I think that counts as a recounting something good from the last 24 hours. So it is time for the grateful…

I’m grateful for the person that drew my blood today. She was very good. Quick, efficient, and had me distracted to where I couldn’t believe I was done!

I’m grateful for Sparta’s – they know me, ask about my family, and always serve up my Spaghetti just the way I like it.

I’m grateful for some very comfortable shoes that I’ve been running around in. They are actually half a size too big, but it lets me drop my orthotics in them on top of the insole. It makes it feel like a shoe that was custom made with lots of comfortable padding.

Good night, all.