It has been a very busy week. I can’t believe I forgot to blog yesterday, but I almost walked on upstairs today. I think getting back into the habit of writing from this computer instead of my iPad mini is part of the problem. Let’s see if it becomes easier to remember tomorrow!

I’ve spent a lot of time at work in the last 48 hours and I’m tired. But things are beginning to click there and it is fun to have some clarity around the work and putting it all together.

Today I was in a meeting which had a generic purpose – getting us on the same page. It started late and then areas we needed to work on the project were randomly discussed. I snapped – we needed to go down a path and figure out where we stood and what actions were needed. I just slipped into the director mode and started recapping what I’d heard and testing it with the team. I laid out what I thought we’d said our result would be and helped shape that to a time period. Before I was done, we’d laid out our direction, what needed to be done, and who was going to do it. We even remembered to timebound it (something we’re all trying to work on this year). Voila! Completed with time to spare.

Later I as a little worried I’d just taken over and was to pushy – but a check in with people made me see it was exactly what was needed. I felt like I was in the right place and doing the right things. That felt really good. Now I have to figure out how to do the same thing without so many action items coming to me. Then again, sometimes you’re just the right person to do the job.

I’m grateful for the ability and opportunity to work. I told someone today that our company is a great place to work and I meant it.

I’m grateful that I got away before 6 PM. It was a long day, but I had plenty of time to sleep through the TV shows with my husband tonight.

And I’m tickled about my youngest daughter really finding happiness. Talking to her today, it was wonderful to hear so much positive energy flowing from her.