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I skipped a couple of days as I recovered from the time difference of Eindhoven and the Seattle area. While I thought of blogging both on Saturday when I arrived home and on Sunday – the computer wasn’t in front of me and so I just didn’t make the journey.

Today I’m thinking about that time and how I spent it. How I feel now and how I felt in the Netherlands. It is all about recovery. Getting back in sync with this time zone, this business aspect, these daily activities which travel threw out. So in many ways business travel was a vacation from the usual, and now I have recovered myself and am back to the daily regimen.

The trip home was great. My knee got a little sore from its stretched position in the plane, as always, but I was able to get up a couple of times and move around. The man sitting next to me was very kind – he even helped me put my bag in the overhead and get it down again. We had a nice conversation at the end.

I took Sunday to just be a bum and let the time zone sink back into me. For future reference, I don’t think this is a good idea. I think getting up and moving around a bit would have made it better – less likely to sleep during the day and more likely to sleep last night. Still, it was great to not feel like I had to do something. Of course, I paid for it with limited choice of clothing this morning!

I’m grateful for a spouse who brings me food in bed so I can just recover and relax.

I’m grateful for new found energy.

I’m grateful for enough presence of mind to sit down and record my thoughts. Not to mention having a washer and dryer running just up on the next floor instead of just down the street at the laundromat!