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Today was the last day of the 5 day meeting. We all feel like we’ve been through something substantial together. Several of us took the train back to Amsterdam, although I had only one traveling companion with me.

A teammate was very kind and returned us to our hotel where we had left our bags with the desk. We had just enough time to retrieve them, walk to the train station, buy tickets, and get to the platform. I think we waited 5 minutes and then onto the train and found seats close to one another. An hour and a half of chatting – you’d think we would be all talked out! We saw fireworks on our way, which was very fun.

At the hotel in Amsterdam most of the team found each other for dinner. We continued to share stories and amazingly talk very little about work. We probably won’t see one another in person for another year. I felt very connected to this group, even though I just joined. While our week wasn’t tough, it was long and tiring. We have been through something together. And I love that we sat and discussed how we can keep one another positive and supported through the year. We vowed to be sure to share the good things that happen in the week with one another in staff meeting. It will be fun to see if we can stick with it!

I’m grateful for everything coming together for a smooth journey here. I’m counting on a smooth journey home.

I continue to be amazed at technology and am grateful to be able to be home so much more quickly than if I’d lived 100 years ago.

I’m grateful for comfortable shoes which make it so much easier to deal with everything else in travel. Ah, when the tootsies feel good you can go, go, go.

Blessings to all of you. May you find some fun in your everyday.