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Tonight was a lot of fun – we took a tour at the Philips Museum and then had a lovely dinner. I even indulged in a glass of wine. That is rather unusual for me. And it was more like a glass and a half!

It was very interesting to see the progress of our company. The museum was definitely a good team event. Philips started as a family affair in the late 1800’s and has been an innovative company ever since. We saw what the early lights looked like, how they made them, how they moved to x-ray tubes and onward. The consumer end of Philips is full of innovation with thework on the radio, TV, mixers, shavers, CDs, tape players, CD players, and on to items of today like an air fryer, coffee maker, and air flosser. The Hue exhibit was interesting with how you can change the feeling in your home by changing the lighting (including the colors!). All controlled from your phone, laptop, or iPad. Very cool. Then the medical equipment, which I’m more familiar with – makes me proud to work for such a company.

I’m grateful for a safe walk back from the restaurant. I thought I would catch the two who left just a minute before me, but by the time I was out of the restaurant they were out of sight. So, I walked alone – which was very safe. Hardly anyone around and Eindhoven seems like avery safe city.

I’m grateful for a strong immune system. I’m counting on it to ward off whatever the lady sitting next to me has! Her cough was nasty – I refuse to catch it. Maybe the wine will help – lol.

Lastly, I’m grateful for the amount of energy I have which I just don’t deserve based on the little amount of sleep I’ve had in the last few days. I hope to turn in shortly!