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With a new job has come a new team to meet and learn about. I’m actually pretty lucky that I get to meet people I’m going to be working closely with face to face this week. I had to travel in order for this to happen – and now find myself 9 hours ahead of home. It will probably mess up my dates, but that doesn’t matter.

I headed off for a 1:20 flight which left on time without any problems. Everything went according to plan. I was even able to meet up with new colleagues at the airport and got the train together. That was the start of a fun bonding experience. I’m not well traveled, so getting a train and getting off at the right place and changing trains is still kind of novel for me. It was fun to be able to do this as a group.

We were dealing with small spaces and luggage and computer bags. There are many who might have complained about dragging it up and down and in and out. It was chilly and we had to wait for the next train, but instead of complaining, we laughed, found an area with less wind and made sure we knew where we were going.

Based on what I saw in a train trip – this is going to be a positive group to work with. Staying positive is going to be important because it is clear we have challenges to work through.

I’m grateful for good weather here. I will take a walk to keep myself awake until dinner.

I”m grateful my bag made it with me. It would not have been fun to have to deal with missing luggage – although that is just part of an adventure when it happens.  Granted, I want to make a good impression on people, but reality is if your luggage doesn’t show up with you everyone understands you might not be dressed exactly as you would choose to.

I’m grateful for a hubby who was willing to drive me to the airport much earlier than I’m sure he thought I needed to go – just because he knew that makes me more comfortable.