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We installed a furnace last February. Wasn’t planned, was a necessity. We don’t spend much time in the garage, so we hadn’t seen the little smart sensor saying there was a problem. It wasn’t until I was putting the Christmas things back in the garage that I saw it.

Well, they installed a nifty little document keeper right there on the plenum making it easy for me to look up the code the little LED was so diligently trying communicate. Looking through the troubleshooting I finally decided that the LED was amber, not red, and it was flashing continuously, not a sequence of one, two, three, etc. So, flame sensor weak, voltage could be low. Of course, when I decided to video the output the LED went green. Still, this didn’t sound like the end of the world – don’t need an emergency call, but hey, it ought to be covered – at least parts! So I called, and today was the appointment.

After inspection, I was told that it looked like the sensor was at an angle and not even in the flame, so the reading made sense. Was probably always this way – came from the factory this way – and I probably could have seen the code earlier (as in always). Well, I was preparing to hear him tell me how this is my fault and I would have to pay. But no! He said clearly we wouldn’t mess with the sensor and the installer wouldn’t have reason to, although they do take the sensor out to clean and inspect it at tune ups. Still, it must have come from the factory this way and it would be no charge – not even for the labor. He took the sensor out, checked it out, put it in properly – everything is beautiful. So I had him do the tune up – we should be good for a couple of years.

Isn’t it nice when companies actually do what they say they will? And he was so nice about it all, his attitude was just to make it right. And he did. I remember him, he’s the guy who gave us the quote and watched the install. In fact, he remembered our set up. Asked about thermostat they helped with – what a great customer experience!

Today I got to meet up with a work colleague from out of town and we chatted over dinner. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reconnect. It was fun.

I used my lovely sink with a new faucet and drain pipe (and no leaks). Thank you, Erik, I am truly grateful for your efforts and that you care.

I’m grateful my kids reach out to me to just say hi or tell me how things are going with them. You know, a lot of 20 somethings are too busy for their parents. I love them both deeply.