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So sorry to have missed blogging yesterday. I fell asleep on the couch very early, roused only in time to go to bed and then slept all night. The upside – I feel rested again!

I started a new job in December. There was so much going on at the end of the year and my week and a half vacation, that it doesn’t really feel like I started the job until this year; more accurately, this week! I’m lucky that the person who I step in behind is just over the cubicle wall – so there’s help if and when I need it.

This week I finally feel like I’m starting to absorb the “new stuff.” Lots of puzzle pieces are coming into place. I think the hard work last week leading a team chartering exercise with the people I will work most closely with really helped me focus on what I’m supposed to do. So today, I started cranking out the to do items and got a lot of things done. I connected with my dotted line boss and feel I know what she’s expecting. While maybe this is only a borderline “good thing in the last 24 hours” what I realize is I feel at peace. Lots to do, lots to learn, and energized, not terrified, to do it! May you have the same experience in your job.

I’m grateful for the little furry beast who is sitting on my right hand as I type this. She’s a 6 pound, 13 year old, lilac point Siamese who is just begging to be cuddled and give her love in return. Of course, she’s the queen here.

I’m grateful for drugs that replace what my body won’t make on its own. I am really starting to feel like there is energy after work! I am eager to see how the dosage is working. How wonderful to be alive in a time where we can do these amazing things for our health.

And today, I’m especially grateful for work. I know not everyone has a job and many don’t have jobs that feed their soul. I’m so very lucky to feel this and to get so much from the people I work with and work I do. It is very satisfying. And you know, I really like the money too.