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So much happened today as I tried to squeeze a full weekend into only one day. I really enjoyed my time with my older daughter today. To hear about some important time at work and the wedding expo – I love her. Our chat was more like friends than mother and daughter. She helped me pick out a new faucet and we laughed over silly stuff. It was a great time together. And then to see her with her dear one, who installed that faucet! Now I need to get supply lines long enough to connect up. I guess that will get me leaving work at a reasonable time.

I’m grateful my younger daughter was able to make it back to school. A long drive because of passes being closed.  Still, she got there safely and will embark on her final semester.

I’m grateful to have found the credit card I thought I’d lost. Boy did I feel a lot better when I realized I’d been wearing a different coat yesterday. Sure enough, the card was still in the pocket.

I’m grateful for the technology of Skype. I loved talking to my family in Florida and even getting a chance to play the piano for my folks. It truly was “Simple Pleasures.”