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That pesky sink has been hanging over me all week. The stuff from the cabinet all scattered around, cold water off at the sink, and that feeling of not exactly failure, but not really success. Then, along comes my older daughter and her fiancé, just to pick up some items left with her sister. As I told this dear man about my trials and asked advice on getting in that sink and wrapping the pipe, lo and behold, he pops down and gives it a try himself! Conclusion – it is going to be easier to just replace the darn faucet. And he offered to come by tomorrow and pop it in for me. Oh, I love you Erik – and would even if you didn’t help me with these projects!

I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and am eager to have a new “son” in the coming year. How grateful I am in the two of them finding one another. Not just because he’s helpful to me, but because he’s so good to her. They balance one another.

I’m grateful for his kind and loving family. They’ve taken us in as part of them. We’re no longer far away from family. And they really seem to love my dear daughter #1.

I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep. Getting up this morning before my alarm and getting off to supervise that pesky shop floor – I felt great. Getting tired now, but it has been a good day!