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Well, I’m through the 4 day planning workshop which was draining, but still have to work tomorrow. That’s okay – I’ll get my notes from the workshop typed up and organized and my promised deliverables off to the rest of the team.

Today’s facilitation went well. All that stress, and a little prep, paid off. I think the team achieved the goal and that was what I was after. It is always a bit unnerving to perform something with people who have seen it before when you haven’t. I will never forget my boss’s face as I cut off his question and said we had to move on! In my defense, I only had 15 minutes left to get through another flip chart and gain commitment for someone to own each action and to assign a due date. To my credit we finished with 5 minutes to spare. So I led us back to where the question was and let them explore or discuss.

It was during this 5 hour facilitation that something very meaningful happened for me. One of the planners in the team, sitting at the head of the table where I was standing, slid a little square of something across to me. He had written cryptically, because space was short, “u r an xcellent facilitator.” I was stunned. This is a guy who I respect and want to be respected by. I’ve observed him to be very quick, observant, and discerning. To have his respect means something. So, I was touched. I set the square aside to continue with the discussion. He pushed it back in front of me and flipped it over. It was a little sticker we use to celebrate and recognize someone living up to our desired behaviors and culture.

This really choked me up. I am the “culture champion” in the group and have only recently shared with the team what little things are available for them to give to peers and colleagues to recognize and reward the behaviors we want. To receive this told me two things; one, he was paying attention to the message and carries these with him to catch someone in the moment, and two, how good it felt to be recognized in the moment. I need to do as he has done and build my little stash to carry with me so I can catch someone in the moment.

I think that sticker will mean more to me than any other. It is already placed on my laptop and is my favorite. I have another sticker just like it – but this one was so unexpected and rewarded me on something that I had really stressed over. I want to hang on to that moment. And I want others to have a moment just like it.

I’m grateful for the team I’ve worked with all week. It really is all about relationships and these people continue to amaze me with their kindness, generosity, and good will.

I’m grateful to have my hubby home from a business trip. After 31 years it is hard to sleep well if he isn’t snoring beside me.

I’m very grateful for the weekend. Even though I have to work part of the day, I’m looking forward to pulling the plug, sitting down with Downtown Abbey on Amazon and knit, knit, knit.

Oh, and for all the football fans around here – Go Seahawks!