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The last 24 hours had several things that have gone well but what I just finished feels really good. While I’ve put off the creation of the last really big thing for our business off-site planning meeting, I now feel prepared to lead the team through it tomorrow.

Better than that, I have an understanding of what the heck my new job really is. I can’t wait to have everyone hack it to pieces tomorrow and tell me how this isn’t what is expected. Although that will be painful – I hate being wrong – it will also be very good get clarity of expectations.

I don’t know why I put these things off to do. Often those projects become the most fulfilling or most fun. While I don’t think working on this since I got home was as much fun as knitting, it does allow me to sleep easier. With that in mind – I better wrap up my 3 gratefuls and get to bed!

I’m grateful for the calm I had tonight as I worked through something that had been stressing me out. It was sorely needed and I found I was more creative and capable as I worked through the project.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to eat dinner with my younger daughter. She will be heading back to school this weekend and it was nice to share some time together.

I’m grateful the Bible she wanted was on sale – can’t beat getting exactly what you want for less money than it originally cost or that you thought you were going to spend!