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I have been in a knitting phase for a little while now. Maybe a couple of years, which is pretty long for my craft streaks to last. I’ve made sweaters, scarves and afghans for many. I finally decided to make an afghan for us. I picked a yummy color and let my husband pick the pattern from a book. This pattern has proven very challenging. Anyone really knowing the knitting me knows that I can’t stand to let a mistake stay in my knitting once I’ve found it. So, I ripped out several inches of this pattern – all the way back to the border row.

Now I have the pile of yarn (which is especially challenging, as the pattern calls for you to knit with two strands of yarn) which I’m worried the cat will get tangled up in and play and make a real mess. Well, I’m so happy I’ve gotten one full set of pattern rows completed and have started the next section. While I’m not back to where I ripped the knitting from, I’m closer. And I’m beginning to see the pattern in the rows.

I’m grateful for interesting book discussions – today in our staff meeting we discussed a very interesting book. The team seemed to enjoy it and I really enjoyed leading the discussion. Thanks everyone for participating.

I think programs like LiveMeeting are awesome. It is so much easier now to collaborate with colleagues around the world (other than the time zones!).

I’m grateful for a new bed that is becoming more comfortable every night. While I don’t like that I can ‘t sit on the bed and watch TV, I do like the way my body feels after laying down for a night.