I knew this week would be busy – today has been hectic, and tomorrow I’ll need to take one step at a time. If I keep a calm front perhaps I can keep from freaking out on how unprepared I feel for Friday! But I’m sure a little dose of happiness work will help me put it all in perspective.

Last night I watched my husband and daughter work on some geology. It was an interesting interaction which gave me a lot of pleasure. Listening to the session was really rather funny. A question about which kind of deposit was shown in this rock – I have no idea what they were talking about, just that there should have been bedding and there was a choice as to how that formed. I didn’t hear the answer but I could tell there was a discussion. Later I heard some very positive feedback to my daughter on the speed she was picking up the material. I loved her response – something like, “well I grew up in this house!” Yes, we’re a bit nerdy and my husband is a geologist. We don’t have a couch in the living room – instead there is a computer, a piano, a cabinet to hold music, a music stand, several string instruments, and a rock cabinet.

She did indeed grow up hearing about how the mountains were formed and the why Puget Sound is there. Discussions of earthquakes in our house weren’t about what to do (sure, that happened too) but were more about why we have earthquakes. I think the kids knew about tectonic plates before they could reach the dinner plates! And it didn’t stop with the local area – every destination probably had some discussion about the geology. Not as a lesson, but because we find it interesting. And the kids were there – sometimes joining the conversation with questions and sometimes just knowing if they were quiet it would eventually stop.

Listening last night to the session to help her prepare for her upcoming class in geology was just a giggle. The conversation had a new purpose, for them both. And they worked through it. How things change and how they stay the same!

I am grateful for the rain today – that means it was warm enough to not snow. We don’t have much snow in the mountains which makes it kind of hard to snowshoe, so yeah, the snow is in the mountains and not in my driveway!

I’m grateful I remembered to set my alarm last night. Annoying as the little beep is, it kept me from being late today for a group breakfast. And it let me know that it was warm outside and I wouldn’t need to scrape the car. I love that little weather station/alarm clock.

I’m grateful for the little voice that keeps singing the Sunday hymns to me. No, I don’t really hear voices, but there does always seem to be music going in my head. Today was “Christ, Be Our Light.” It is in the Lutheran hymnal, pg 715. So I think I will end with its refrain:

Christ, be our light! Shine in our hearts. Shine through the darkness. Christ, be our light! Shine in your church gathered today.

May God bless you and keep you. And if it pleases Him, bring us happiness.