I had so much fun on Sunday that I got carried away and didn’t get to blogging! While the sink continues to need attention I relaxed with my daughter and watched Downtown Abbey on Amazon, starting with season 1.

Sunday started with playing my violin at church. What a fun group that is sounding pretty good! I’m so grateful to be invited and be part of the fun.

I’m grateful that my mother taught me to knit. I did a lot of that while watching TV. Although I ripped most of it out because of a mistake, I’m very glad to have something to show for the time.

And I’m grateful for my daughter who was willing to keep pushing the buttons to watch episode after episode. It was fun to share the story.

The day went by with little fuss or drama. That is such a treat! It was very nice to sit and knit. Lots of other stuff needs to get done but I wouldn’t have done it any differently yesterday. I don’t know that I’m ready for the busy week, I got to bed so late, but I have peace. And peace is worth a lot!