After a good night’s rest, a great massage, and playing violin with some talented people at church that sink didn’t look so bad. While it still isn’t fixed, it is on its way. Only the patch is left to do – had to let it dry. So, feeling better about my home repair capability.

I’m grateful my family is willing to allow me to take a few days to complete this job. The contents that are normally under the sink in our powder room are along the hallway waiting for completion. But neither my daughter nor my husband are complaining. I secretly believe they are just glad they don’t have to do the repair!

I’m grateful for my music friends at Edmonds Lutheran Church. It is so much fun to sit back and play together. Thanks Diane for the planning and work you do to make it all possible!

I’m grateful too for the comfort of a lazy Saturday afternoon. Who would have thought I’d be grateful for FOOTBALL?!! But having the other two in the house agreeing on what to watch and yelling at the TV together was wonderful. And it gave me a quiet afternoon to do sudoku and watch Downtown Abbey or Parenthood.

So many nice things have happened in the last 24 hours. Like I already said, a massage and making music with friends. But I think the delivery of some shoes I ordered after Christmas might be the thing to win today. They are ankle high boots in the best brown possible. They will be great with jeans or with dress slacks for work. It is taking such a chance to not try them on before you swipe that card. But these turned out to fit perfectly and look wonderful. It was something I needed yesterday to help set right the balance of gifts and problems in my life. And tell me, is there really anything nicer than a pair of shoes you can wear for an extended period of time and not have your feet hurt? I can tell, these are going to be that!