Today has had a tough ending. I hadn’t gotten everything done yet at work and got a call to come home – we have a leak under the sink. So I shut down the computer, hauled it home, and begin working on the sink. Just a little line that was added to get water to the refrigerator on the other side of the wall… So after 3 hours and 2 trips to the hardware store, I’m calling it quits for today. I feel defeated and a failure at home repair. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

So, that wasn’t very positive, and yet I feel grateful to have a house at all. Even with the plumbing leaking, and other trials, we’re pretty lucky. I’m grateful I have a spouse who wants to help any way he can (although it’s a little ironic that calling a plumber is the last resort!).

I’m also grateful to have this computer, to share my thoughts, look at interesting things on the web, and stay in touch with friends near and far. Just working on this blog is helping me calm down and get some perspective! After all, it is making me think of good things and not just focus on my current, passing frustration.

Today I had a fun conversation with the ladies that sit around me at work. We shared pictures of our pets and told a few stories of family. One of the gals makes jewelry, another has a pack of dogs and other interesting pets. They all started laughing that I got a call from my husband to hurry home and fix the plumbing. It was pretty funny. I’ve only recently moved into this desk, so everything is new. And I’m really liking the neighborhood!