As I was thinking about what I’m grateful for I realized it didn’t have to be something that just happened. It does have to be specific. And it occurred to me that what I’m most grateful for are relationships.

My good friend Kimber – who always seems to know when to call. Such a special friend who has seen me through 20+ years of husband, kid, and health chats. Always ready to listen, always on my side.

And Jean – so creative and supportive. I can’t believe I’ve known you just as long. What a great time on Saturday, just hanging out and listening to one another. Supportive and generous. I always appreciate your point of view.

And friends far away – Anne. I miss our talks and walks, but look forward to our next Skype session. Someone who listens and reflects what is happening or what I’m saying; giving clarity to my thoughts. And never judging me. Such a gift!

Today I was fortunate enough to spend time with people I really like and am lucky enough to work with. My boss arrived at the same time I did today and we walked across the parking lot together. My first day back at work after a break – but he’s been working through the holidays so others can have a break. I know he lost vacation last year, but I never hear him complain – just tries to take care of others. He asked about my time off and asked questions about the activities and stories I shared. He was really paying attention – he always does. How lucky I am to work for him! What a gift he gave me – his attention. So here’s to taking a page from Cary’s book and giving people that gift – attention.