I read Shawn Achor’s “Happiness Advantage” and thought it would be a fun project to actively find positive things in the world and my life. He suggests listing 3 things you’re grateful for, journaling one positive thing from the last 24 hours, along with exercise, meditation, and random acts of kindness will focus your brain on the good and worthwhile. Releasing dopamine in the brain, which makes you feel happy, also turns on all the learning centers of the brain. So here’s the start of my journey…

Today I am grateful to have rung in the new year with my dear husband, for having time to reflect on how I want this year to move forward, and for the smile of my daughter as she said ‘thank you’ for picking her up in the city.

Small things can bring such pleasure. Today was a leisure day. Looking at blogging, searching for pictures, and doing laundry. I think I most enjoyed our little Siamese cat following me around and cuddling close whenever I gave her the chance. She seeks to be on you, not just with you. Yes, demanding attention, but her purr is so rewarding. Cuddling with her today gave such peace. To be able to give unconditional love like this little cat is worth striving for.